Fakers App Check Extended to 100,000 Followers

By Rob  |  22 Aug 2012, 12:00pm  |  Category: Update

Yes, last night, or some time around lunch in the US, we released our first update to the StatusPeople Fakers App. Most of you won't have noticed the difference but it is significant...

We have managed to extend the accuracy of our App from 5,000 to 100,000 followers. So instead of grabbing the last 5,000 follower records and assessing up to 500 of them. We now, depending on the size of your follower base, grab up to 100,000 follower records and assess 1,000 of them across that base. This increases the accuracy of our App significantly. In fact it means that now 97% of the Twitter accounts checked will return an accurate set of scores.

It also means that even Justin Beiber and Barack Obama can get a decent idea of how many of their followers are fake.

Of course this is only the beginning for us and many more updates are lined up for the coming weeks and months. But we can't do this without your continued feedback -- which has been amazing. So please keep it coming to the usual places @StatusPeople and our Facebook Page. Oh and if you want to 'bother' me personally tweet me @RobDWaller with your ideas, they're always welcome.

Hope you like the update.

Speak Soon 


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