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By Rob  |  26 Oct 2012, 03:30pm  |  Category: Social Media

Last week we posted an article commentating on Facebook’s billion users. If you’re anything like me, that wasn’t enough information. We thought it would be an interesting exercise to break down the user base by country and identify any worthwhile insights. So, I’ve gone away and done a little research on Facebook’s Top 10 countries. And have I opened up Pandora’s Box!

So let’s start off slowly. Analysis of Facebook’s Top 10 Countries show that the United States leads the way for the total number of Facebook users, some 107,000 users ahead of India, the rising star of the social media world. A part of me did think that the United Kingdom would be higher up on the list, especially ahead of Mexico and Indonesia.

Pretty simple stuff really and fairly interesting right? Yet it does not tell the full story. Population size is an important factor in associating any real value to these numbers. Even if a country has a lot of Facebook users, it is important for marketers to know what the population penetration is when making any decisions to invest time into a market.

Thus, the graph below plots the number of users in a country as a percentage against its population.

What’s clear is that my initial confusion about the UK being that low was unwarranted. With a population penetration of over 50% it is clear that Facebook access in the UK is very healthy, especially when compared to neighbours France and Germany.

For marketers who have a global brand, notice should be taken of the US. Not only does it top the number of Facebook users in the world but it also has a high population penetration. Put simply, 1 in 2 people in the US use Facebook and that’s a lot of consumers when you’re thinking about your marketing strategy.

That leads me on to an important point. Although these stats are very interesting and satisfy the geek within, having an understanding of the number of people you are advertising or communicating to on Facebook is an essential part of promoting investment into social media to directors. When we talk to clients here in the UK about their struggles in getting funding for social media activity, one very simple point is that there is missed opportunity in developing a strategy to speak to 1 in 2 people in the country.

But it doesn’t stop there. Keeping up to date on these numbers can help you develop a global brand strategy. For example, India only has a Facebook population penetration of 5%, which is clearly caused by a lack of availability to the internet. This is going to improve over time and with it we’re going to have a wealth of consumers wanting to engage with brands, most probably within the social media channel.

It looks like it might be worth looking into emerging markets next week…

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