India, The Emerging Social Network Nation

By Rob  |  9 Nov 2012, 10:00am  |  Category: Social Media

In our last post we did a little bit more analysis of Facebook’s billion users. Although we discovered a lot of interesting data and potential topics to discuss, what we found truly fascinating is the data associated with emerging nations. And India is a nation that I find really intriguing.

Why India? Well, this is a country that is currently going through massive economic and social upheaval. What we are seeing is an industrial revolution almost on the scale of what occurred in Europe during the 18th and 19th centuries. With this came the rapid growth of a middle class and a greater desire of these classes for a more diverse selection of consumer goods and services.

It’s always important for us to learn from the past and we think that India represents a massive opportunity for brands to engage and communicate with new and interested consumers. StatusPeople believe that social media is the most essential channel for brands to do this.

The stats from last week not only point towards an already large base of people who are social media aware (60 million Facebook and over 33 million Twitter users) but there is also massive room for growth. Currently, Facebook has only penetrated 4.85% of India’s 1.2 billion population. And grow it will, especially when you consider that 1 in every 4 online minutes is spent on social networking sites.

The fact that India has a rapidly changing demographic of consumers and the availability of technology is becoming more widespread (and cheaper) marketers of global brands need to prioritise activity based on how information is consumed in each country. In India, it appears that social media is the shining beacon of online usage. The country provides a great opportunity for engaging with new customers and developing a new market for brands to sell into.

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