How to Get Rid of your Fake Followers

By Rob  |  15 Nov 2013, 10:30am  |  Category: Tips

So we understand that everyone makes mistakes in life. There are big ones and there are small ones.

In relation to Twitter one of the biggest mistakes you can make is purchasing Fake Followers. They may make you look popular, but what use are they to you? They going to help you sell anything? No! They are not. 

And what if someone finds out. You're going to look like a fraud and a fool.

But of course once they are purchased you are stuck with them... Not any more. Recently we released out Auto Block tool. It finds the Fake Followers and removes them automatically. And once they're all gone it will keep your list clean well into the future.

If you want proof that it works here is a graph of one of our users who bought 10,000 fake followers...

We've got them all. If you'd like to remove any fake followers you have. And we suggest you do. You can sign up for a premium account and start blocking those fake immediately.

Then no one can say you're a fraud. And you know what, it might just improve your return on investment. Because there really is no point in talking to a room full of shadows...

Speak soon

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