Important Info on our Recent Outage

By Rob  |  17 Jul 2015, 08:39am  |  Category: None


The majority of our services are back online however work will continue over the weekend.

Hopefully every thing will be back to normal by Monday.

Thanks, Rob

2015/07/15 09:30 UK

Great News!! We're back online :)

Things may be a little temperamental and slow over the next few days but at least we're back up.

We're now going to work through getting services running smoothly again and get your accounts back to the way they should be.

This may take a week or so, please stick with us. We will get it sorted.

Remember keep up to date with us on Twitter @StatusPeople or @RobDWaller. Emails to [email protected]




We're very close to getting services back online, they should be live within the next 24 hours.




Hi All,

Most of you are probably wondering what has happened to our site and why our data and your data currently isn't available.

First of all we have to apologise, we are incredibly sorry that this happened.

So what has happened? Essentially on Sunday we were made aware that we had lost access to our virtual server. We then contacted our host UK2 to find out more.

At first it seemed like this was a minor payment discrepancy issue, our business card expiring before a payment was processed. On further investigation it turned out that it was a far bigger issue relating to a system migration carried out by UK2 over the last few months that in our case either failed or was not handled correctly. We'll probably not get to the bottom of what caused it. This nonetheless led to our virtual server being lost along with a lot of data.

I can confirm some users will have lost data, I can also confirm some users will have also lost their accounts. We are very sorry for this.

So what are we going to do about this?

First we are concentrating on getting our systems back up and running. This will not be with UK2 as they have seriously let us down. We hope this will be achieved by Wednesday at the latest for core systems, the Fakers App.

Other systems will be back up and running by early next week.

Next we will aim to provide refunds to all users who have been significantly affected by this problem. Along with free access to our subscription tools for those who have lost accounts or data.

This is probably the most difficult moment in the history of the Fakers App, we hope it will neither destroy us nor the good will we have built up over the last few years with you our users.

Please try to stick with us through this difficult period while we attempt to get things sorted. Keep an eye out on our Twitter feed @StatusPeople for updates.

Also if you have any questions email us at [email protected] or message us on Twitter @StatusPeople or at my personal account @RobDWaller.

I'm so very sorry that this has happened and caused any of you inconvenience.



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