Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year: StatusPeople 2012 Review

By Rob  |  21 Dec 2012, 11:00am  |  Category: General

So 2012 is nearly done and dusted forever... It's been an amazing year and thankfully I'm still here plugging away at StatusPeople.

The year I suppose began slowly. In many respects we were still feeling around to define what our product was and how you get a business up and running. And while it has been a tough one financially we have made significant progress in this direction. Our product is beginning to take shape and we're beginning to get the business side of things running properly.

But of course the high point for us came in July when we launched our Fakers App. A tool that checks how many fake Twitter followers you and your friends have. Within a month it had exploded all over the Internet -- which certainly wasn't expected.

It was featured in Mashable, the New York Times, The Telegraph and many more publications. I was also intereviewed on CNN and Radio 4 and was generously shipped out to LA to talk Social at the Scion Music(Less) Conference. See here's a picture of Santa Monica beach and the Pacific Ocean taken on my old iPhone 3GS...

The Fakers App has now generated over 340,000 sign ups, been blatantly copied by Social Bakers -- seriously if you want to cover your fries in knock off Ketchup be our guests... And it spawned the Fakers Dashboard which produced my best moment of the year -- our first sale. 

Genuinely I am very humbled and proud that someone would pay me for a tool I built. And to all those who have parted with their hard earned cash for one of products thank you very much, it is much appreciated.

Other high points include the re-design of our website, which was carried out by the amazing @meteoracle. Seriously he is a design genius and has plenty more to come in 2013. We've also begun working with some large test clients -- and all credit has to go to Ben for all the hard work he has done to make this happen.

So what's in line for 2013. Well, a lot we hope. Yesterday we released some more updates to our tool to improve our Facebook features and our scheduled campaigns. And you will see a lot more improvements to our existing tools over the next few months. We also plan to release our mobile apps early in the New Year and a set of training courses. And by the end of Q1 2013 we hope to have a killer social media marketing product out on the market.

However our main objective for 2013 is to become a sustainable business. And we're hoping to achieve this by the end of Q2 2013. We will do this by improving our pricing plan and bringing on board some of the exciting clients we have been testing with over the last few months.

We hope you have enjoyed 2012 as much as us. Have a great Christmas and New Year. And here's to an amazing 2013.

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