Pictures from our First Twitter Training Seminar

By Rob  |  6 Dec 2013, 11:45am  |  Category: StatusPeople

Well Wednesday morning was great fun. Our first ever Twitter Follower Training Seminar went really well and the delegates seemed to enjoy themselves and learn something.

Big thanks to @KweekWeek for letting us host the event at their venue. Also special thanks to @chris_edgington for helping me run the event. There will be a blog post from him next week reviewing the morning.

Also thanks to the delegates @sophiawarby of @SixPme, @mikejulietbravo, Ben and Cal from @VerseOneComms and our other attendees. Your support and feedback has been much appreciated.

Oh and here are some pics...

@RobDWaller does his Tony Blair hands once again...

And this one thanks to the guys at @VerseOneComms...

If you want to find out more about our training please Tweet us @StatusPeople or email us at [email protected]

Speak soon

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