The Beginner's Guide to SnapChat Marketing

By Becky  |  24 Apr 2014, 11:00am  |  Category: Tips

Social media platforms are growing at an exponential rate with new channels for businesses to communicate to consumers being created constantly. In the current technological climate, it is imperative for most businesses to keep abreast of the latest trends.

Snapchat is a new social media craze and has generated over a billion snapchats since its inception in September 2011. Snapchat was created by a group of students as a fun app to use between peers to send an image or video to a contact for 10 seconds, after that time limit the image vanished and could not be retrieved again.

International organisations such as McDonald’s have recently recognised the potential Snapchat can have in engaging consumers. Using Snapchat for businesses gives opportunity for creativity in reaching consumers. To set up an account, businesses should use the app just like a normal user; to register you just have to link the account to one phone number. Ensure the username has a relation to the business, usually using the same name as the twitter handle is the most effective.

16 handles, a yoghurt company created an innovative strategy utilising the 10 second lasting picture. They sent vouchers to anyone that registered on Snapchat but only allowed them to redeem the discount at the counter where they could get between 16-90% off.

But how can you use Snapchat most effectively for your business? Below are three top tips for a successful Snapchat marketing strategy:

  1. Don’t forget how Snapchat began. Snapchat was created for light hearted peer to peer interaction. Bombarding users with obvious marketing messages will get you nowhere. Just because Snapchat is a cheap marketing tool does not mean a barrage of content should be sent.
  2. Take advantage of the ‘ten second’ rule. The short viewing time of an image can keep content interesting and leave the consumer wanting more. October 2013 saw the introduction of ‘Snapchat stories’ which allows users to create a collage of longer images for contacts to view for 24 hours. However, remember to use your time wisely, sometimes the shorter the timescale the better, to increase anticipation and relevance.
  3. The way to a consumers heart is through their funny bone. The more humorous a message, the more likely it is your consumer will enjoy your ‘snapchats’ and keep you as a contact. Snapchat is a great tool to give your business personality whatever sector you may be in. So remember to keep your content fun. The age demographic is young, so ensure your marketing fits the target audience.

Currently, Snapchat has been adopted by some businesses but it is still a growing market that can be used to stay ahead of the trend. Presently, Snapchat is best used to generate buzz over a new product, discount codes and announcements. However, with the development of the Snapchat app brings developments of how businesses will use this platform.

This post was produced by Becky Mason. Becky is in her final year of a PR with Marketing Degree at Leeds Metropolitan University. She has also done work for PR agencies MCG PR, Quest and Hill & Knowlton Strategies.

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