Twitter Etiquette -- The Basics

By Rob  |  30 Mar 2012, 09:00am  |  Category: Tips

The great thing about Twitter is its open and almost free market nature. And one of the really positive things to emerge from this free market is a form of etiquete between users. This is mainly to attribute source, but also to thank and promote people.

As Tweets are very concise much of this etiquete has formed around accronyms. However there doesn't seem to be definitive list of all the Twitter accronyms. So to get things started here is our list -- it just covers the basics... 

  • RT: You should all know what this means. It stands for ReTweet and is when you repost another user's Tweet to your Twitter feed.
  • MT: Modified Tweet. This is similar to a ReTweet but is when you edit someone else's Tweet before posting it to your feed. It's similar to the dots you see in essay quotes.
  • HT: Hat Tip. Sadly no top hats involved here... Hat Tips are a way to reference a person who has sent you some interesting content. It's just a way of saying thank you and has been used by bloggers for many years now. 
  • OH: Over Heard. If you over hear something funny or stupid in your office or on the street you can post it without directly referencing its source. For example OH "Star Wars happened, right?" 
  • #FF: Follow Friday. A Twitter tradition to promote your friends to your followers on a Friday. It can help you gain more followers if you use it to promote people who do not follow you yet.

We hope the list helps you with your Twitter etiquete. And if you know of anymore please let us know in the comments section or @StatusPeople.

Speak soon. 

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