Share Your Social Pics on Our Brand Customisable Image Pages

By Rob | 28 Feb 2013, 01:00pm | Category: Development

Well we've been very, very busy over the last few weeks organising lot's of exciting stuff. But we've managed to get a couple of development tasks completed.

First we've updated the look and feel of our image hosting tool. As you can see from the pic it is a big improvement. Image Cloud allows you to host all your Social Media Marketing pics on our brand customisable landing pages.

They can easily be shared to Twitter and Facebook and of course everything is tracked so you will know exactly how many people have been looking at your lovely pics.

In addition to our Image Cloud update we've also been upgrading our Fakers App. And I'm pleased to announce that our Auto Fakers Removal tool is now in test and will be rolled out to all our Dashboard users withing the next couple of weeks. So watch this space.

If you would like to take a closer look at our Image Cloud please login to your account or if you don't have an account sign up for our 14 day Free Trial. And of course if you have any feedback on what we do please let us know @StatusPeople or email us at [email protected]

Fakers Scores Update and Integration

By Rob | 30 Jan 2013, 02:00pm | Category: Development

We've been a little quiet on our amazingly popular Fakers App recently. Mainly because we've been very busy making updates to our other tools. And more excitingly discussing potential investment deals. Hopefully there will be some good news to announce on that front soon.

In terms of our Fakers App we have made two updates. First after noticing some changes in the way spammers and fakers are deploying their fake accounts we have updated our algorithm to make sure we are catching as many as possible.

Secondly we've integrated the Fakers App into our main Social Hub. So now when you click on a user's Twitter details or look at your recent followers you will be able to see their Faker Status instantly. Just take a little look at this screen grab...

Along with the Kred score this will give you the insights to inform you who is worth communicating with and who is not -- instantly.

We hope you like these updates, but of course there are many more to come so watch this space. And if you have any feedback feel free to send it to us at [email protected] or Tweet us at @StatusPeople.

To access our social media tools for free sign up for our 14 day trial.

Speak soon.

Fakers App Score Issues and Updates

By Rob | 18 Oct 2012, 11:30am | Category: Development

Some of you may have noticed that the scores returned by our Fakers App have been a little strange over the last week. Especially for some of our Dashboard users. We apologise for this and would like to assure you we have worked tirelessly to resolve these issues. 

The problems were caused because we upgraded this week to Twitter's new API version 1.1. Twitter's upgrade has changed the way you can make requests to their API and how often you can do this. And as a result we found we were losing a lot of connections to Twitter and therefore not fully processing scores properly. Which in turn led some user's scores to fluctuate quite significantly.

We discovered the exact cause of the problem and have now fixed it and added in a number of fail safes. And as such we are now confident our scoring system is once again stable. We will of course keep a very close eye on this over the next week or so.

One change that we have had to implement as a result of the upgrade to Twitter 1.1 is the range of data we can pull from the API. Previously we would analyse up to 1,000 records across a follower base of up to 100,000. Now this is 700 across 35,000 for the App and 1,000 across 50,000 for the Dashboard. The reason for this are the new connection limits imposed by Twitter which means we can no longer reliably pull back a base of 100,000 records.

Please note this will only affect about 2% of the searches made by our tool. And if you want to find out more about Twitter's new rate limiting policies please read their post explaining it. We will attempt to speak to Twitter to see if there is a way to resolve this issue, but we're not going to hold our breath...

And of course we will continue to work on improving the accuracy of our tool and work towards our ultimate goal of building an app that automatically removes fake followers.

In addition to the fixes we have made we have also introduced a number of UX upgrades to remove some bugs highlighted by our users and improve the general experience.

And on that note I would like to thank all our users who have fed back information to us. At times it has had me pulling my hair out. But it is incredibly valuable and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to send it to us. And please keep it coming, we can't improve things without it.

If you have any questions please email us at [email protected] or Tweet us @StatusPeople.

Speak Soon.

P.S. Please note this post is in no way meant to criticise Twitter's API upgrade. In fact we believe it is more stable now. And we just hope they are moving towards a paid for model. 

Other Updates to Tell You About...

By Rob | 15 Aug 2012, 02:00pm | Category: Development

As some of you will be aware we have been getting a lot of press recently about our Fakers App. Some good, some not so good... We're pleased either way. 

However we have also been beavering away to improve our main platform and this morning we released a few updates. 

The updates focus around our Social Hub and involved me writing a new JavaScript routing system. Which for a developer is very exciting but I won't bore you with the details... Unless you want to know..? Maybe tweet me @RobDWaller if you do.

So what are the Updates? First we have added in a saved search functionality. So when you search for some Twitter data you can now save that search and access it any time you need. 

In addition we have expanded our @Kred tool set. You can now view Kred scores for all user data you view within our Social Hub. This will help you quickly decide whether someone needs to be followed or responded to depending on their social influence.

And finaly we have improved the way you reply and retweet within our Social Hub.

We hope you like our updates and if you have any questions please let us know @StatusPeople or on our Facebook page.

Speak Soon.

Are you a Twitter Faker..?

By Rob | 13 Jul 2012, 11:45am | Category: Development

The number of people buying fake followers on Twitter to look more legitmate is a growing problem. Essentially people are trying to game the system and convince people they have social legitimacy when they don't. They are Fakers and they are undermining Twitter. 

A perfect example of this issue arose last week. Some of you may have read the Kernel Mag's rather amusing posts -- here and here -- on fake followers. If not the story goes as follows... The editor, @Nero, outed a Social Media high-flyer for purchasing fake Twitter followers. In revenge someone, no-one knows who, proceeded to buy @Nero 40,000 fake followers -- much to his chargrin and everyone's amusment.

In response to this we decided it would be cool to develop a little app to help people check how many fake followers they have. And more importantly how many fake followers their 'friends' have. You can give the tool a go here. We hope you find it both useful and amusing. And if you are a Faker beware because our aim is to make sure our users know who you are.

Please send us your feedback @StatusPeople as we plan to do a lot more development in this area over the next month or two.

Speak Soon