A Lovely Letter and a Mention For @StatusPeople in WealthManagement.com

By Rob | 17 Feb 2014, 10:30am | Category: StatusPeople

We received a lovely letter from Megan at WealthManagement.com on Friday night. It really made my Valentines day in fact. Which was a little lonely... sob... sob...

Our application was used to assess the quality of some of the largest brokerages' social media profiles. It produced some interesting data and we're very pleased we could help...

Take a look at the pics and we'll speak soon.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!!

By Rob | 20 Dec 2013, 10:30am | Category: StatusPeople

Just want to say to all our customers, supporters and friends have a very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!! We couldn't carry on this project without your help and support.

So as a little gift we have gone all Christmas themed. We do hope you like it. But if not, it won't last forever...

Have a great holiday season and we'll speak again in the New Year when we'll have lots of updates to share with you.

Oh and if you're wondering how we managed to create this amazing new theme so easily check out LESS it's like CSS but awesome.

Merry Christmas and speak soon.

@Chris_Edgington's View on StatusPeople's Twitter Follower Training

By Guest | 12 Dec 2013, 01:30pm | Category: StatusPeople

On Wednesday 4 December, @StatusPeople’s @RobDWaller hosted their first training course on Twitter Follower Quality. The event was held at @KweekWeek and a live Twitter feed of the event was posted under the tag #LearnFakers

The course was designed to teach about the quality of one’s Twitter followers; improve engagement with those followers; and, as a result, boost one’s return on investment through the use of Twitter.


StatusPeople is a leading provider of Twitter Follower analytics, and released the world’s first Fake Follower App (now used by over 600,000 people). StatusPeople view the social media market as an immature one – a market with scope for great success but also one rife with dubious practices and commercial dangers. The training course, therefore, hopes to inform and educate so Twitter’s potential can be maximised for commercial purposes. 

The course was broken down into 5 steps to success:

  1. The quality rather than quantity of followers – here the concept of fake and inactive followers was compared with those who are active and influential
  2. Find out who your followers are – this area of the training introduces the Fakers App and its ability to analyse the quality of your followers
  3. Find out your followers’ interests – here platforms were highlighted which can analyse your followers Twitter activity in detail to provide in depth information on their interests
  4. Engage and connect with your influencers – the concept of properly communicating with your following was stressed to build strong business relationships
  5. Deliver interesting content that adds value – finally the idea of interesting content was discussed to prevent a Twitter feed being ignored or overlooked

The session taught these steps in a number of ways. Attendees were taught not only about StatusPeople’s Fakers App, but also other platforms which gave greater insight into Twitter followers.

Through the tools provided on the course, a business could greatly improve its social media marketing strategy by targeting the right people, at the right times, and with the right content. The training is an interactive session, with audience participation and questions, and provides opportunities to analyse your Twitter accounts live. 

StatusPeople hope to hold future training events: for further information contact [email protected]

By Chris Edgington

Chris is a recent graduate of the LSE and BPP Law School and is due to shortly start a training contract with White & Case in London. Follow him on Twitter @chris_edgington

Pictures from our First Twitter Training Seminar

By Rob | 6 Dec 2013, 11:45am | Category: StatusPeople

Well Wednesday morning was great fun. Our first ever Twitter Follower Training Seminar went really well and the delegates seemed to enjoy themselves and learn something.

Big thanks to @KweekWeek for letting us host the event at their venue. Also special thanks to @chris_edgington for helping me run the event. There will be a blog post from him next week reviewing the morning.

Also thanks to the delegates @sophiawarby of @SixPme, @mikejulietbravo, Ben and Cal from @VerseOneComms and our other attendees. Your support and feedback has been much appreciated.

Oh and here are some pics...

@RobDWaller does his Tony Blair hands once again...

And this one thanks to the guys at @VerseOneComms...

If you want to find out more about our training please Tweet us @StatusPeople or email us at [email protected]

Speak soon

We Need an Intern for a Day -- December 4th London

By Rob | 25 Nov 2013, 11:45am | Category: StatusPeople

We are looking for an intern for a day next Wednesday -- December 4th -- to help us organise our first training day.

The work won't be too arduous, we can cover travel costs and a small fee for your time.

Ideally you should be a graduate with an interest in PR or Marketing. And of course you need to be London or Home Counties based.

If you are interested please email us at [email protected] or tweet us @StatusPeople.

Hope to hear from you soon.