Eight tools all web developers need

By Rob | 16 Mar 2012, 10:00am | Category: Tips

This is just a bit of Friday fun, but I thought I would share some of the tools I use that help me with my web development...

Dropbox: Makes cloud storage easy. Keeps all my code and documents safe and secure in the cloud so I can access them anywhere in the world. Worth every penny I spend on it.

TrueCrypt: Free encryption tool. Helps me encrypt all my code and documents on my laptop. Integrated with my Dropbox so I have all round protection if my laptop is lost or stolen.

Git & GitHub: The best source repository I've ever used. Helps me track, organise and share my code. A must for all developers and again worth every penny.

PuTTY: Free SSH client for managing your servers via command line. Also download Pageant to manage your SSH keys. 

FileZilla: Free FTP client. Simply the best and easiest way to transfer files between PC and server. Used it for years, never let me down.

Camtasia: Probably the best screen recorder on the market. Really easy to use. Perfect for creating all your promo and training vids. Expensive but worth the money.

NetBeans: Free Java/PHP/C/C++ IDE. Makes coding and project management easy. Works really well with Git.

Visual Studio Express: Free .Net IDE. Makes coding and project management easy. Has the best code debugger around. Is probably the best piece of software Microsoft have written.

I hope you find the list useful. And if you think I've missed anything let me know @StatusPeople or on our Facebook Page