Auto Block Fakers Launched!! At Last!!

By Rob | 24 Oct 2013, 10:30am | Category: Update

At last we have updated our Fakers App so that you can now automatically block all the fake accounts that follow you. This will clean and keep your account clean without you having to lift a finger. You can access it by signing up for our new Premium Account. Just go to your subscriptions page and upgrade...

In addition to this we've improved the security of the App and if you do sign up for a Premium Account you will be able to track up to 15 of your friends and competitors.  

We hope you like this update and if you have any feedback let us know @StatusPeople or [email protected]

Speak soon.


Searches Update to Fakers App

By Rob | 1 Oct 2013, 10:00am | Category: Update

Yesterday we made the first of a number of significant updates to our Fakers App. This related to the number of searches you can make on our platform for free.

We have decided to restrict this to a maximum of 8 free searches per user. You can then purchase a subscription to gain unlimited searches and access to our Fakers dashboard. This only costs $5.49 per calendar month so it really is a bargain.

The reason we have done this is because with over 600,000 unique users in the last year and several thousand daily users we need to make the platform a little more economical so it can be maintained in the long term.

However, we're not going to ask you to contribute without giving a little back. Our next two major updates will include an Auto Faker Removal tool and a major revision to our Fakers algorithm which will reveal a lot more data about you and your followers.

We hope you enjoy and gain value from the upcoming updates and please let us know what you think @StatusPeople or [email protected] 

Speak soon.

Fakers App Mobile Design Updates

By Rob | 20 Aug 2013, 11:00am | Category: Update

Our last update was a while ago which we appologise for. But we've been very busy over the last month or so. And if I'm being honest I needed a little break over the summer.

Anyway we've also received a lot of feedback on our Fakers App of late. So we're beginning to roll out some updates.

The first of these relate to the design of the App. We've brought it inline with the design of our main social media platform but also made it mobile friendly...

We hope you like these upgrades and it makes it easier for those of you who access our App on their mobile. Let us know what you think @StatusPeople or at [email protected]

And of course we're working on the other updates you have suggested so watch this space.

Speak soon.


Win a Free iPad Mini with our new Competitions App

By Rob | 28 Jun 2013, 10:00am | Category: Update

Yesterday we launched our new Social Media Competitions Application into Beta with our client MrNutCase.

MrNutCase have kindly offered to test the App for us and offered a Free iPad Mini and customised case to the winner.

The Application allows brands to run competitions across social networks, track the data and encourage positive social actions from their fans.

It will become available to all our clients over the next few weeks. But if you want a chance to win a Free iPad Mini why not give it a go and enter...

Hope you like it and any feedback will be welcome @StatusPeople or [email protected]

Speak Soon

An Update and An Apology

By Rob | 13 May 2013, 03:30pm | Category: Update

We need to make an appology. We're very sorry about the lack of communication and development updates over the last couple of weeks.

As with many start ups there are periods were things become very intense. The last couple of weeks has been one of those periods. And means we have lost some focus with both our communcation and development strategies.

We have been in the middle of discussions that will help us grow our business significantly over the next 12 months but these talks have dragged on somewhat and have not been fully resolved. However we are now in a position to refocus and move forward.

So blogging and communication will resume as normal. And we have also been working on some significant developments which we hope to begin to release over the next couple of weeks so watch this space. 

Once again we're sorry for the interuption to our service and we'll speak soon.