Pricing Updates, Free Access and StatusPeople Goes Mobile

By Ben | 21 Jan 2013, 12:00pm | Category: Update

In today's post we are very pleased to announce a number of updates that we feel are going to enrich our customers' experience.

Firstly, we have made the decision to change our pricing. This means that our entry level account for the main tool has been reduced from £25/$35 to £4.99/$8.99 per month. In line with these changes, our Fakers App (the very first of its kind) is now available from £3.49/$5.49 per month.

We believe that this is a big step in achieving one of our main goals, which is providing social media marketing services to all businesses, big or small. It is also a fairly obvious step when you consider that although the majority of the marketing industry understands the importance of social, it still lags behind the investment and perceived business impact seen in search and email (according to the the Ragan Report 78% of companies do not plan to hire more people in 2013 to help with social media). Thus, we see this as helping our social marketers build a stronger case for investment.

Not only have we reduced our pricing but our late Christmas present to you is to switch all of our users' accounts back to free for the next 14 days. We have taken this step to ensure that everyone has a chance of evaluating our tool before committing to paying for monthly access.

And if the above wasn’t enough, we have also built a mobile website! This is something that I have personally challenged our development team to finish because to me, a complete social experience is dependent on mobile. It is important for us to allow our users to post content on the go. We have now finished the first stage in achieving this target.

However, we still have big plans for our mobile services. Android and iOS applications are on their way. Plus, we will be integrating Facebook posts and basic reporting in the next few weeks. But for the time being, posting to Twitter from your StatusPeople account can be done via Just save it to your favourites!

All in all we hope our updates show a commitment to the tool and its users. We strongly believe that a better social experience for consumers is going to be driven by greater focus on how brands manage their social media marketing strategy on a day-to-day basis. Today's changes signify the first step in StatusPeople providing sophisticated and accessible campaign management and reporting tools, which will enable our users to do just this.

Track and Remove Fakers with the Fakers Dashboard

By Rob | 20 Sep 2012, 11:00am | Category: Update

It’s been something of a crazy ride for us at StatusPeople for the past month or so. Since the creation of our Fakers App, we have had some great media exposure and a lot of interest in how our App works. This is superb for us and supports our reasons form developing Social Media tools for businesses.

But of course we haven't sat still, we aim to make all things social more transparent for businesses so we can empower them to take advantage of this awesome communications channel. To this end we are happy to announce the launch of our Fakers Dashboard. Take a look below, doesn't it look cool... 

What have we done..? Well the key part to the update is the ability to track your fake follows over time. Once you have plugged your Twitter handle into the tool, it will save your details and automatically update your account over time. So there is no need to login every day and run the Fakers App manually. You can go away for a week happy in the knowledge that upon your return there will be an awesome report waiting for you showing how many fake followers you have each day.

But where it gets really funky is that you can also track other Twitter accounts at the same time -- five to be precise. So again there is need to manually go into the App whenever you want a report on how your competitors or accounts of interest are doing. Just enter all the Twitter accounts into the App and we’ll do the rest.

And if that wasn't enough you can now identify who your fake followers are and remove them. Something that will boost your follower quality no end. But, of course, we might get it wrong occassionally so let us know by clicking the not spam button and help us improve our tool even more.

We hope you like the update and for only a few of your shinny Dollars, Pounds or Euros a month we think it's well worth it. You can sign up for the Fakers Dashboard by connecting to our Fakers App as usual. So give it a go now...

And remember we couldn't have done this without your great feedback, so keep it coming to the usual places and we'll keep on developing.

Speak soon.

Fakers App Check Extended to 100,000 Followers

By Rob | 22 Aug 2012, 12:00pm | Category: Update

Yes, last night, or some time around lunch in the US, we released our first update to the StatusPeople Fakers App. Most of you won't have noticed the difference but it is significant...

We have managed to extend the accuracy of our App from 5,000 to 100,000 followers. So instead of grabbing the last 5,000 follower records and assessing up to 500 of them. We now, depending on the size of your follower base, grab up to 100,000 follower records and assess 1,000 of them across that base. This increases the accuracy of our App significantly. In fact it means that now 97% of the Twitter accounts checked will return an accurate set of scores.

It also means that even Justin Beiber and Barack Obama can get a decent idea of how many of their followers are fake.

Of course this is only the beginning for us and many more updates are lined up for the coming weeks and months. But we can't do this without your continued feedback -- which has been amazing. So please keep it coming to the usual places @StatusPeople and our Facebook Page. Oh and if you want to 'bother' me personally tweet me @RobDWaller with your ideas, they're always welcome.

Hope you like the update.

Speak Soon 


StatusPeople Fakers App Shows People Care About Their Follower Quality

By Rob | 26 Jul 2012, 10:30am | Category: Update

As some of you will be aware a couple of weeks ago we released a little app to check how many fake Twitter followers you and your friends have. And thankfully it has been quite a success.

In just a couple of weeks we've had nearly 6,000 sign ups and almost 10,000 checks have been run. We're very please and we would like to thank all of you who have tried our tool. We hope you have found it both informative and fun and clearly its success reveals how interested many of you are in your follower quality.

But it gets better... After our tool revealed that @LouiseMensch, high profile politician and founder of Menshn, had a spam issue we even got press coverage. We got in the Telegraph...

Status People, a Twitter statistics site which has a ‘fake follower check service’, flagged the odd jump - claiming that 97 per cent of her entire following were fake ‘robot’ accounts.

However, Status People’s methodology is limited as it only looks at a persons most recent 10,000 followers – which when a person's last 10,000 followers are all suspected to be fake - as they appear to be in Mensch’s case – makes monitoring her entire follower base basically impossible.

And we made it into the New Statesman which was nice, even if they did describe us as "dodgy"...

So what seems to have happened is Mensch - or someone else - bought 20,000 followers for her yesterday, just before StatusPeople looked at her last 10,000 to find out how many were fake. With a sample that bad, it overestimated the number of fake followers she has overall, and reported a dodgy stat.

We're very pleased as this has been a real marketing boon for us as a start up. But there is of course one point raised in our press coverage we would like to address. And that is the accuracy of our tool. We've never claimed our tool is perfectly accurate for those with large follower bases. In fact without access to the Twitter Firehose it never will be and we do make this clear on our info page...

If you're very 'popular' the tool will still provide good insight but may better reflect your current follower activity rather than your whole follower base.

We also understand that our tool and metrics need to be enhanced. And that is exactly what we plan to do. We are developing a fakers tracking service so people can see how their score changes over time. And we do plan to make our scoring system more reflective of the size of a user's follower base. Both of these we hope will provide insight into how users can improve and maitain their follower quality.

We will of course keep you informed of all our developments. And if you have any questions about our Fakers App please email us at [email protected]

Once again, thanks to all of you who have tried our tool we really appreciate it.

Speak Soon.

It’s here! The New And Improved StatusPeople

By Ben | 11 Jun 2012, 08:00am | Category: Update

We are excited to announce that our awesome Social Media Management, Campaign and Reporting tool has been given a makeover. The UX God that is our Lead Designer has worked with our Lead Developer and together, produced some great updates to the StatusPeople website. We really think it looks amazing and know our users are going to love it!

What this means is that we are now officially out of beta testing. It is a really exciting moment for us because we are in the position to continue realising our vision for providing effective Social Media management for businesses. This will be achieved through the implementation of an aggressive product development roadmap, integrating new and revolutionary tools into the current setup. So, watch this space!

But for now we really do hope you enjoy the new updates. The change in positioning of the explorer bar will mean easier navigation to our tools. And the dashboard makeover is going to allow you to access key information in one click. But there is so much to talk about that we can’t do it in one go. So, we are going to follow this post up on Thursday with a StatusPeople “how to”. Keep an eye out on your email and Tweets for this.

So, that just leaves me to say thanks for joining us on the journey so far. We hope you enjoy the updates and feel free to email us or Tweet @StatusPeople with your thoughts and comments.